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Welcome on homepage of MyVocabulary!

MyVocabulary helps you build and train your vocabulary of whatever language.

With MyVocabulary you can build your own dictionary and share it with your friends. Optimized training function helps you with learning.

What can MyVocabulary offer to you?

  • Efficient management of dictionaries and words (creating, editing, sorting…)
  • Optimalized training, which helps you to learn new words
    • Variable settings of training
    • Memory algorithms to efficient learning
    • Storing of results
  • Export of words to MS Excel (e.g. for formatted print)
  • Easy sharing and backup of your dictionaries (using cloud services such as Dropbox)

… and the best attribute – IT’S COMPLETELY FREE TO USE! 🙂



Remark: This application is not commercial product. It was developed by me (single developer) for my daughters, to help them learn English. Any help with software development, promotion, or feedback is welcome! Please use feedback page to contact me.